My mom has a blog…

My mom has a blog.  I know right?!  It’s the same as saying my grandma just downloaded the new Lady GaGa CD to her ipod!  My mom has always been tech savvy though.  I remember being the “first on the block” to upgrade from the old black screened apple computer to  a full on PC, complete with…wait for it…a CD burner!!!  That’s right kiddo’s, there was a time when if you wanted to make a music mix you had to sit by your bright yellow, waterproof Sony tape player with hand poised anxiously over the play and record button waiting for the commercials on the radio to end, hoping that the McHammer song you just requested was going to play next.  As my dad would probably put it, “In my childhood, we had to sit for 28 hours straight just to get 3 songs we wanted on our mixed tape!”  I would like to say that my dad would be right and that mixed tapes took a lot longer to make then my first burnt cd, but sadly that was not the case.  I still remember sitting with my friends Tiffanee and Denise in front of the computer waiting hours to burn all of the 10 songs we wanted on our cd.  Finally, the time had arrived…our cd was ready to play!  It was going to be the best cd in the world!  After all how can you get better then a combination of Aerosmith and Tiffany?!  We ran our precious cd over to our 20 disc cd player (yup, we were high rollers at our house) and put it in and…nothing.  Yup, song #1, #2, #3…all blank.  Wait, #4 worked!!!  Hmmm…not #6 though.  Yes!!!  #7 AND #8 worked.  Not #9, but we DID end on a bang with #10 coming through!  So what did we do?  Did we head back to the drawing board and continue on into the wee hours of the morning working hard, until we had a cd with 10 complete songs?  No way!  We thought that cd was AWESOME!!!  So what if we had to listen to a song and then skip forward 3 songs until we could hear the sweet melodies of MJ’s voice singing to us “The girl is Mine, The Doggone Girl Is Mine.”  Truth be told, that was the best mixed cd I ever had.  I listened to that thing for a good 8 years before it eventually was retired, or scratched…probably scratched if I remember correctly.

What’s strange though is to realize that I wouldn’t have had that experience, or the memory that followed if it weren’t for my mom.  Yesterday one of the little girls I babysit for on Saturday’s said to me “I don’t know my dad.”  “My mom says his name is Cal.”  I said to her, “Well, lucky for you that you have such a great mom that does mom stuff AND dad stuff!”  But I wonder…can one person give you it all?  What would my life have been like without my mom and my dad?  Would my dad have been able to teach me how to burn that cd?  Judging by the fact that it takes him DAYS to respond to a simple text message, I’m going to guess that that would be a “no.”  Would my life be different now without that cd?  Probably not.  I would have probably found someone in my life who would have acted as a “substitute” and taught me that skill.  What about other skills though?  What about learning how to make peanut butter play dough, or how to follow through on my basketball shot?  What about learning how to love reading, or to recognize the stories that might hide behind a simple antique bowl?  When I think back on the skills that I have learned from my parents over the years, it truly overwhelms me.  My parents were teachers, teachers of life.  Yet there is one thing that they never taught me and that is who they really are.  It is like finding out that Nun’s pee.  Yup, it’s true…nun’s actually are real human beings who do things like pee.  I know shocking right?!  Nun’s are not humans, teachers are not humans and parents are not humans!  That has been my reality for 30 years.

My mom has a blog…I am nervous.  Will finding out that she is someone else besides the person I have always seen her as, change my idea of my childhood?  For those who know me, they know that I like consistency.  My boyfriend yesterday asked me what my biggest pet peeve was and I said, “People who change.  People who don’t have a strong sense of self and are constantly reinventing themselves in hopes of figuring out who they are.  I know my mom…My mom loves kids, really I think she likes feeling needed, but that’s another topic.  My mom’s favorite color is blue, her favorite cake is German Chocolate cake, she’s a whiz with crafts, she doesn’t dance, she’s a hippie at heart, she’ll fight for the underdog every time, she is a mom, sister, daughter and wife.  To tell you the truth…I have no idea who my mom is.  If I don’t know who my mom is, maybe she doesn’t know who I really am?  My mom has a blog…guess what…I have one too. 🙂


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